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    Service account Password reset


      Mattel is planning to change service account passwords used in the application. Service account ie: DB accounts, FTP accounts etc if any. Could you please let us know where we need to configure the new passwords ?  Please guide us in implementing it.

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          Hi Bharathi,


          If you are interested in changing the passwords your Jive instance uses to communicate with your DBs you will need to run through the set-up process in your Jive instance. This can done via the following process:


          On each of your webapp nodes navigate to the jive_startup.xml file in /usr/local/jive/applications/sbs/home and change the setup flag from true to false. For example, it should look like the following:




          so you would update it to:




          After saving that change perform a full restart of your instance, which will trigger the setup screen. From this menu you can modify the DB connections/passwords.



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