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    Obtaining tokens fails with 'access denied' message. Can someone help?


      Dear community,

      I have difficulties obtaining tokens using OAuth (more precise: OAuth using Resource Owner Password Credentials Grant). I follow the tutorial at:


      I got stuck at Step 4/5: Request access and refresh tokens. I use curl to send the request, the response is every time:

           "error" : "access_denied",
           "error_description" : "No AuthenticationProvider found for org.springframework.security.authentication.UsernamePasswordAuthenticationToken"

      What am I doing wrong?
      I am using the developer sandbox and uploaded my add-on there. I retrieved client id and client secret from the add-on page, as described. I double checked the client id, client secret, username and password in my curl call. Should all be correct.

      I hope someone can help.

      Best Regards, Mark