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    Is the includeBlogs query param included on paging URLs


      When formatting a get contents request with the place filter, includeBlogs and count query params



      We receive the following response payload:

      throw 'allowIllegalResourceCall is false.';
        "itemsPerPage" : 100,
        "links" : {
          "previous" : ".../api/core/v3/contents?sort=dateCreatedDesc&fields=%40all&filter=place%28/places/4824%29&abridged=false&count=100",
          "next" : ".../api/core/v3/contents?sort=dateCreatedDesc&fields=%40all&filter=place%28/places/4824%29&abridged=false&count=100&startIndex=200"
        "list" : [ {
          "id" : "1687",


      On the links.previous and links.next URLs the filters and query params are propagated but the includeBlogs query param is omitted.  As expected, with the includeBlogs parameter being omitted we receive the subsequent response payload when using the next URL:

      throw 'allowIllegalResourceCall is false.';
        "itemsPerPage" : 100,
        "list" : [ ],
        "startIndex" : 200


      Should we expect the includeBlogs parameter to be included in the paging URLs to ensure we're getting all the expected content?