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    How to retrieve moved objects from Jive Environment using REST APIs




      By using the below link, i tried to get the moved objects details,by passing the condition in my code like if (activity.verb == "jive:moved")



      But getting only the main level moved objects details i.e space,group & project.And my requirement is to get the details of all the moved objects inside the main level at once.


      Can anyone help me plz...

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          Scott A Johnson

          It sounds like what you're saying is:


          I moved a space into another space, but you'd like to know what content moved with the space? (e.g. the content that resided in the container at the time of the move?)

          This isn't available (or at least wasn't as of late last year) in the activity service since technically the content doesnt move, it still lives in that container, however, the hierarchy and path to the content has changed. What you'll need to do is get the space that has moved and then retrieve a listing of all the content from within that space (via v3 contents service), or you can get that listing before the move, but takes premonition.


          We achieved this for a search engine connector in the second method by being able to externally persist a listing of content ids in each container. On each pass, we looked for changed reported in the Activity service, then did some lookup to find the content item changes and report their new locations. Kinda tedious, but I suppose it is simpler on Jive's side and keeps the Activity feed less busy.