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    What's the purpose of templates property in definition.json ?

      integrationUserIntegrationUser7c4 / 7.0This field is required for any add-on installed in Jive through the add-ons management page. In most cases it will be an empty object.
      templatesTemplateDef[]7c4 / 7.0Defines one or more templates for this add-on
      tilesTileDef[]7c4 / 7.0Defines one or more tiles for this add-on
      storageDefinitionsStorageDef[]7c4 / 7.0Defines one or more storage definitions for this add-on. must configure a storage instance after under 'storage management' tab.
      osappsAppDef[]7c4 / 7.0This installs classic Jive apps for all users on the Jive community
      jabCartridgesCartridgeDef[]7c4 / 7.0 + ExtendedAPIs pluginDefines one or more Jive Anywhere cartridges. Will only add the cartridge, to publish - needs to go to admin-console to JAB cartridge management.


      Hi all


      There is a "templates" property used in definition.json , I have no idea on this propert? How to use this property ? is there any samples ?