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    Video Playback Error: We are having problem with playback.


      We're getting an error on playback of videos within our Jive Cloud community. All videos are impacted.


      Thank you for your help

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          HI Nicolas -- thanks so much for posting this one. I should have done it yesterday when I noticed it. I raised a severity2 case with support, but so far have heard nothing.

          Exact same issue for us. Confirmed multiple browsers, multiple cloud instances, multiple networks.


          The status.jivesoftware.com shows green for videos. --Mike.

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              This received from the status.jivesoftware.com alert:


              Jive is investigating video playback issues affecting some customers in our Amsterdam data center. At this time all other video functionality has been reported available. We have reached out to our video partner to jointly troubleshoot the issue.
              Jul 16, 10:42 PDT
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                Hey Guys. I'm with Jive Support and have been collecting these Video issues because they all seem to be directly related to each other. So far, this is what I know. End User impact appears to be a generic error that prevents anyone from playing back Videos that have been updated to Perceptive Media (aka Twistage).

                Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 10.09.50 AM.png

                Any videos uploaded through Embedly are working just fine. While in the Developer Console, you will find the following message on the playback attempt.


                Video Error Object {detail: "Invalid tincan object name (stream ID: 1).", message: "Playback failed", errorID: 15, name: "Error"}


                So far, there have been 8 other cases filed on this and all of them have been customers using our AMS Cloud or Hosted service, which contains Videos in the Category (aka Company) jive-software-cloud-eu or jive-software-customer-eu-prod. I've reached out to Perceptive Media and asked that they escalate this issue with their Support team. Since I can reproduce this, I don't suspect I'll need anything from anyone else, but I'll report back any findings I collect here.

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                We are also having a concern with video playback at the Hyundai program.  Have tested in both IE8 andFirefox.


                Adding in my supervisor Elizabeth Campagna to take care of the ticket stuff.

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                  I have an update for everyone, but I'll also be posting this into any open cases I've already collected next so far. After hopping on a call with Perceptive Media, we've managed to isolate this to an issue with our custom Jive video player. While the Perceptive Video Console still showed either "video" or "video2_0" as the Video Player, it appears that Jive was overriding this with a hard-coded video player called "jive_8_0_0", which was only being used on Jive 8.0 sites and Cloud installations. More specifically, it seems to be an issue with v144.02.02.15i of our SWF player that we uploaded earlier this week. One strange thing we cannot answer at this time is why it only impact AMS sites when PHX sites were using the same exact SWF player. So in the meantime, we've reverted the SWF player back to v131rs and I've confirmed that Perceptive Media videos are now playable for all customers who have filed cases on this.  So any Sev1 cases will be downgraded to a Sev2 and I've filed a new tracking Bug to have Engineering look into the root cause of this issue.

                  JIVE-59874 - Video player jive_8_0_0 v144 is causing "Invalid tincan object name" video playback issues

                  All cases will be set to "Waiting on Bug Fix" in the meantime. I'll update this discussion and each case once the root cause has been identified.

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                      Engineering has finished their review of Bug JIVE-59874 and determined the root cause. It appears that the EU and US work differently as a result of European requirements that video delivery and storage all be contained within the EU. In order to obtain the necessary configuration to support these more stringent requirements, they had to drop support for RTMP due to some incompatibilities. As a result, when we inadvertently configured a non-working RTMP configuration in SWF player v144.02.02.15i of our jive_8_0_0 player profile, which broke video playback for all customers in the EU that were using our new jive_8_0_0 video profile. To address this issue, we've removed the RTMP parameter from v144.02.02.15i, tested it for both EU and US customers, then redeployed it globally for all customers. I personally tested this on all sites whose cases I picked up and confirmed it is now functional. Going forward with this new knowledge, we will obviously be more cautious in our use of the RTMP parameter and make sure that we thoroughly test new SWF players for both our EU and US customers when deploying globally. If there are any further video related issues, please open new cases for Support to help you investigate those separately.