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    How do I create a tile customization without the sdk?


      I've created an application that I would like to simulate in Jive as a tile of sorts, and wasn't sure how to go about doing so. When I try to uppload an add-on for tiles, it is supposed to be a .zip, and when you do a plugin it is .jar.  However, they both require certain extra files when they are uploaded in order to be integrated into Jive... I'm looking for something similar to "A Straight and To-The-Point 'Hello World' Plugin for Jive 5.0" (even though it must be modified slightly, I am using Jive 7 and was able to create this).



      P.S.  I'm not dead-set on creating a tile, it just seemed like the easiest way to create my customization, so if there is something else, please feel free to inform me!