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    Is there a way to bypass the "view count" via APIs?


      We surface random "tips and tricks" that we post in Jive onto our Intranet site.  To do this, we use a program external to Jive to pick the random content, and bring in the title and summary blurb (via REST API), then link them back to the original Jive content.  This artificially inflates our analytics in Jive, with lots of "views" recorded by the service account that makes the REST calls. 


      For example, this content item shows 2631 views, but only 47 viewers.  The person called "Jive Bot" (our service account that re-publishes the summary) probably accounts for well over 2000 of those "views" and skews the results quite a bit!

      Screenshot - 7_17_2015 , 10_31_23 AM.png


      Is there a way for the REST calls from Jive Bot to be excluded from the view count?