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    Has anyone run into HR/Legal issues with Impact Metrics?


      There is some concern with our internal community that if someone looks at a Mental Health Benefits document, for example, then the author and admins can see that in the impact metrics and that could potentially be an issue for privacy at a baseline or could even escalate to wrongful termination issues.


      Thoughts? Experiences?

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          We've switched off the feature where you can see who's looked at the

          document, it felt too big brother.



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            Kirsten - this may be a case where the risk doesn't match the reality.


            IT departments (the admins) have had the capabilities for years to see who looked at which files, the websites visited and the records viewed/modified/deleted in different database systems. The exposure has existed for a long time - for instance whoever is the admin of the payroll/compensation/stock option/etc plans could take a peak to see confidential information.


            The difference is that with Jive the capability itself is very easy and very visible. Most people haven't thought about the fact that *somebody* has to be able to see all that stuff in order to take care of it.


            If the sensitive documents are in properly configured groups, then only the author and admins can see who looked at the document. The people who can see confidential HR-type documents (payroll, comp, performance appraisals, performance stackings, EAP usage, etc) should already be under a more restrictive employment NDA that spells out explicitly that just because they can see such information they are expected and requried to not look at it except in the performance of their duties.


            I have seen employees terminated for "joy riding" in the systems they administered.


            And don't forget - if you turn off impact metrics the Jive Admins can always go to the log files in the admin console...