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    Jive 7 to Jive 8 Migration Effort



      I am not sure if this topic has been discussed before as i was not able to find much in this forum.

      I would like to understand what is the effort involved with respect to Migrating Hosted Jive 7 to Hosted Jive 8 and cloud Jive 8.

      What changes we need to do wrt to environment and also the customization like themes and custom plugins.

      As far as i know we don't have custom plugins supported for cloud version and it has to be replaced with apps. Also are the themes in Jive 8 cloud customizable or it can only be done through jive support?

      Also if anyone can share the process involved in Migration to Jive 8 that will be a great help.



      Samarth Shekhar

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          We're migrating (element14.com) from Jive 6 on premise, to Jive 8 on premise.. the upgrade process for all our customisations hasn't been too bad.. a lot less effort than it was from Jive 4 to Jive 6, that's for sure. We've got a lot of customisations, so it's still taking us a while to complete the upgrade.


          We're having Jive PS do the theme for us so that it'll retain the responsive design.