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    Let's get this thing started!

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      John Summers, Madalina Papacica, Kim Nelson, Kathleen McMahon


      So it looks like we won't be able to do an onsite venue for UnJiveWorld 2015, so looks like we will have to go Virtual. Not the worst thing in the world but we need to pick a week in September and start planning out the tracks and start signing people up to do some Webinars. Bunchball is in, I am meeting with them this week to talk about content for a Gamification webinar. Let's plan to have some Webex calls this week or next week to start kicking things off. We have about two months left to plan this out and it will be alot easier now that we don't have an actual venue. We are still actively trying to get a vendor to sponsor an end of week Cocktail/Happy Hour at the end of the week so we can all meet up in person for some drinks.