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    How to recruit a Community Manager?

    cmandel Beginner

      Hi All,


      Let me start by saying this is not an attempt to recruit from the User Group, I know that would be in poor taste.


      My company is based out of NY and has another office in Edison NJ. We have been looking to hire an experienced and effective Community manager for our Jive-n instance to be based out of one of these offices for several months now, and are finding it surprisingly difficult to find someone. The volume of applicants has been pretty scarce. I realize it is a very specific skill set (we are open to applicable non-Jive experience), and social media as a profession is a relatively new concept, but definitely expected it to be easier considering our location in NY.


      I just wonder if anyone here has had a similar experience and want to see if you have any pointers on how you approached this.


      Thanks in advance!