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    How can my Tile POST data back to my Node.js service?


      Jive SBS 7.0.11


      I have a need for the following workflow:

      • A user finds my tile.
      • The tile knows who the user is, and knows their username and email address.
      • There's a form in the tile (or perhaps in the tile's action context) that allows the user to enter up to 2 text fields and a checkbox
      • The data gets submitted back to my Node.js service that is hosting this tile
      • My node.js service does some backend stuff with that data
      • An activity is recorded in the user's Jive activity stream


      I think I know how to post the activity.


      I do not have any idea yet how to send data back to my Node.js service from that form.  Can you please assist?





      Ryan Rutan Rashed Talukder Andrew Mishalove