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    Different actions per list tile?




      I have a nice action for my list items using the list tile.  I want to make a completely new embedded action using the "action" key in the payload OUTSIDE of the contents hash, that gets sent to JIve from my Node app.


            data: {

              "title": "Love Monster Recent Loves",

              "contents": globalLoves.slice(0, 5),

              "config": {

                "listStyle": "contentList"


              "action": {

                "text": "Send Love to a friend",

                "url": jive.service.options['clientUrl'] + '/lovemonster-recent-love/send.html'




      I'm curious if there's an example somewhere of creating a different embedded action in addition to the one that gets used inside the contents section of the data hash.  I'm sorry if this isn't clear; I'm still getting used to the nomenclature. 


      I think I'd need to add a new backend route, and a new public/send.html file, amongst other things.


      Ryan Rutan Rashed Talukder Andrew Mishalove