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    Get jive page url from inside custom tile (jive cloud)


      I have created a custom tile that runs on my jive instance that will be used to create an event Inside the place that the tile is currently installed. To make this dynamic I need to be able to retrieve the placeID of the place whererever the tile is installed to feed it into the APi call that creates the event rather than the fixed parent: that I have it working with now.


      To do so the plan was to pull in the url using location.href in JavaScript and parse it to leave me with just the name of the group then I could use the search api to retrieve the place id and go from there.


      Athough when trying to pull the main page url from inside my tile it only returns the apps-gadgets url not the url of the page running the tile. Can anyone tell me the best way to grab the url of the page running the tile from inside my custom tile?