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    Soy dependencies in FTL




      In one of our plugins, we needed to call a soy template from a ftl one (after manipulating some data). This worked really fine in v7, but doesn't work at all in v8.

      I attached the current version of plugin to the case, it concerns custom message for abuse reports.


      So, in custom-message-abuse.ftl, we define some components using the define method:

      define('apps/abuse_messaging/main', function() {

      Some of these components have dependencies that resolve really well:

      define('apps/abuse_messaging/models/message_source', [
      ], function(_, RestService, RTCSource) {


      But one component is not loading its dependencies

      define('apps/abuse_messaging/views/create_message_view', [
      ], function(MicroBloggingController, UserPicker, $, _, jsI18nHelper, successMessage, modal, notRelated) {

      This components won't load until jsI18nHelper and jive.soy.plugin.abuse.* are resolved.


      In v7, these dependencies were self resolved, without any human action.

      In v8, all the soy dependencies are non existent.

      As soon as I create empty components corresponding to these names, using


      the components are loaded (and the code crash obviously because objects are empty)


      Is there any way to force the correct loading of soy components in js?