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    Table formatting problems after the upgrade


      After the upgrade on Tuesday, the default table format changed, as indicated here: "Visual and interaction alignment across the board - Icons, menus, modals, hover cards, and even the default table design in the Rich Text Editor have all been refreshed. These small changes will incrementally move the app towards our longer-term vision for a cleaner look that puts what matters most in the spotlight."


      I like the new look a lot!


      However, none of my previous tables were converted to the new default. This seems like a problem with the migration.


      Does anybody have any suggestions for resolving this, other than manually fixing each table?


      While manual fixes would be extremely time consuming, my biggest concern is that this might happen again.


      I would like reassurances that migrating existing tables to the new format will be included in all future style updates.


      Meredith Volk

      IdentityNow Information Architect at SailPoint Technologies

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          Hi Meredith,

          To keep the integrity of each document as it was when it was published, cloud upgrades will not impact existing documents. The UI change in the last upgrade was only for the default table template, it was not intended to change tables within documents.


          If this is a feature you would like to see in future releases, I would recommend creating an idea for it here Ideas for Jive. This would allow others to vote on the idea and help gain visibility with our products team.


          Hope this helps.