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    Show Usernames not Real Names to User and Admins

    srivers Advanced

      We are getting ready to move to the new cloud version of Jive for our public community from hosted. One issue we see is that we as admins see the full name of the user when they post and not the username. That puts a real tangible disconnect in place for us. We refer to customers and have them referred to by the User name. There is no value in ever seeing their given name publicly or even to admins in our community. We have CRMs for that to match up their email or other identities.


      How can we make it so we see usernames when people post in the cloud? How can we also make it so that users ONLY see their username? Both are quite confusing and cause confused and angry tickets and posts from users.


      I would much rather that real names are just not a part of our community. Should we just not include them in SSO? Is that an option. Can we leave real name blank and just populate the usernames?



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          Libby Taylor Expert

          I think there is a system setting for that. Let's see if anyone else knows exactly what it is... Or you might want to post a case in your support group since they know these kinds of things like the back of their hands.

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            By default all admins can see the full names.  This was not always the case in previous versions.  I'll see if there's a system property and if so what it is.

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              srivers Advanced

              So it looks like I should probably put this in as a feature request(idea). I am not sure how other feel, but I cannot imagine an external community wants it to work as it does right now.

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                John-B Novice

                The change to display user first names to admins has created a usability issue, unfortunately with the potential to cause a customer escalation. 


                Most users in our community choose to only show their username and not their real first or last name.  As an admin, I now have to make sure that I don't accidentally post a reply using their real first name.  The problem is the only name I can now easily see is their real first name, making the identity of the poster unclear. 


                When I go to Reply to a post, '@' mention brings up the username, not the first name.  So now I have to hunt for the username to even do an @mention reply.  If I just reply with - "Hi David", I've now exposed personal information about the user that they wanted to keep private.  How do I actually find the username now in the interface?  Clicking on the profile page so that I can read the username in the URL is not obvious or a good user experience, but that is the only option I see. 


                The username is not displayed in the card that comes up on hover over the first name or even in as a field displayed on the user profile page.  I can only easily see it by examining the URl to the user profile.


                In a quick review of content or postings, how do I know which 'David' made this post out of 50 different Davids in the community?


                The best fix would be to use the same rules for admin view as any other user view.  i.e., if the user has not shared their first and last name with the community then I won't see that as their identifier in the UI.  


                Next best fix would be to at least easily show me the actual username in the popup card on hover, as is done now with the email address.  Either way a fix is needed.

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                  jeffglasson Intermediate

                  This new issue with Admins seeing real names in some places and usernames in others is confusing. Especially after spending 2 years on Jive 6 getting to know everyone by their username. Ultimately, I wish there was the ability to only show usernames to everyone all the time, including themselves - period.


                  What's even worse is the YOURSELF privacy setting that's been around forever. As user seeing their own real name while seeing everyone else by their username is very confusing, and makes them think that their privacy is being compromised.



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                    srivers Advanced

                    Here is an example of what we and our customers have to deal with:


                    Online names? | The Republic


                    We get this in threads, new threads and tickets. Jive X should really not even default to real names. This needs to be a real split with Jive N. Aliases should be the only name in Jive X so leaks just can't happen.