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    Category Counts not Working in Recent Content Widget


      Hi guys,


      I've been playing around with the recent content widget in Jive these days. Everything is working fine, except for one thing: under 'Filter by Categories & Tags', the content counts on all categories is 0, even if some categories actually contain content. In code, the RecentContentWidget uses RecentContentTagSetActionHelper to allow rendering of content counts in soy. It looks to me like RecentContentTagSetActionHelper expects to be initialized via a call to setJiveContentObjectList, before it will return correct content counts. However, this method is never called. Am I missing something, or is this a (known) bug? Can you confirm that category content counts should be working properly in


      Thank you,


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          Hi Jochen,

          Would you mind providing a screenshot of where you are seeing 0 appear in the categories? Or the steps to reproduce it?


          I am looking at the Recent content widget is 8.0.1 and I do not feel like I am looking at the same area as you. A screenshot will eliminate the confusion on my end.




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              Hi John,


              Thanks for jumping on this one, and apologies for not being clear enough in my initial post. Following is a screenshot of the unfiltered widget, one of the category counts I'm referring to is circled in red.


              Everything is fine so far, but look at the display after I click o the 'Business Application' category.


              The content is filtered properly, all items that are listed after filtering are actually in the selected category. It's just that the count next to the category link suggests that there is no content associated with the category, which is not correct. For completeness, following is the widget configuration, which is extremely similar to yours.


              I hope this helps in reproducing the issue.