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      Hi Jeph Yang Yuval Z


      I saw you both had posted some useful tips about html info. I am seeking your help to see if you can give me some quick tips.

      The users of my community would like to put the attached process map on internal community. It is a map generated by bizagi, and allowing user to interact with the process. It can publish directly to sharepoint.

      I can put it on Jive (cloud) too? Many thanks!

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          Hmm... I'm not sure I know how to do that... Is it something that you can embed in the HTML?

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              If the map is an image or whatnot, you have multiple options to embed it into Jive.  If it requires custom HTML codes (JS/CSS/IFRAMES), then your options become more limited.  If you have some specific questions about code, it would be great if you could share them directly in the discussion. =)

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                  Hi Yuval & Ryan

                  Thanks for your kind reply!

                  Bizagi had provided a html web, as attached in the zip. I am not familiar with codes, so I just tried to copy and paste the html codes from Bizagi to the html widget in Jive, but it doesn't run. Any idea what I should do?