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    New Community Design Crashes Firefox


      I'm not shure if this is the right place!

      Have everyone else following problem?


      Every time I try to open the new designed jive community with the firefox browser it doesn't work.

      I have tryed different Versione (38.1 ESR, 39.0 Windows 7, 39.0 on Linux, 39.0 and 40.0 beta on Android). The 38.1 crash, the 39.0 and 40.0beta gives an script error.

      This happens only if I try logging in.


      Chrome or IE works fine on the same computer.




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          Same issue here.... Tried multiple versions of Firefox on different computers and crashes every time. Only Chrome works


          OS: RHEL linux (6 & 7)

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              Hi Lothar and Patrick,

              Thanks for letting us know about the issue.

              It looks like you have done testing on multiple versions and operating systems. You mentioned that v39 and 40 beta gave a script error. What does that script error look like and was that with all of the operating systems? Are there any errors in developer's console? How to send your browser's developer tools console errors to Jive Support


              Do either of you have any extensions in firefox? What URL are you trying to access when it crashes or are there specific steps that allow you to reproduce it?




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                  I have the same or a similar isue with FF39 / Win7.

                  As long as I'm not logged in everything works fine. When I log in I may look good for a while (I even wrote one message) before this issue occurs.

                  FFcloses it's window and the debug window gets unresponsive. The FF process starts using 1 core (== 100% CPU usage on a one core system).

                  So it may be tricky to provide more information.


                  "What URL are you trying to access when it crashes?" https://community.jivesoftware.com/welcome (after login or with SSO cookie)

                  "Do either of you have any extensions in firefox?"All Add-Ons disabled: FF crashes. "--safe-mode": FF does not crash but navigation is not possible.

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                    Eric Pierce

                    I also get the same issue in Firefox 39 / Windows 8.1 . If I am not logged in the welcome page is fine but once I log in either the entire browser crashes or I get messages about waiting for a script. This happens with all of my normal extensions on and also when I open it in safe mode without extensions.

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                      Hi John,


                      Could you let us know what exactly went wrong here?


                      Jive or any other webapp should not be able to crash Firefox like Jive does in this case.


                      This is as much a Firefox bug as a Jive bug.


                      A code overview would be nice.

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                          I hope that they do not publish their findings here and instead send a bug report to the Firefox team. Even though the whole code is "public" right now and every one can download and reuse it (some copyright violations may occur but who cares if it crashes the browser anyway) script kiddies are far away from adding the relevant code to web pages to crash Firefox browsers.


                              .oO(I should add this code to our intranet start page.)


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                              Howdy LG . (and all ya'll)


                              My $$ is on the FONT - handsean-webfont.ttf - that my testing using old-timey Safari Error log showed as "Not Allowed" - repeatedly, then "Cancelled loading page". If there was an infinite loop of trying to push this font into the "client-side computing", this would neatly explain what I saw and others report = consumption of aystm resources ad infinitum = BOOM. I remember in days gone by where corrupt fonts were responsible for crashing many a Mac (a lot of folks were 'artsy' and thought they could be Type Designers) - rare lately but I have actually seen a few instances


                              If one Google's "handsean-webfont.ttf", top (of the meager) results lead directly to Jive development related pages - try it.


                              Granted... Firefox probably should have handled the issue better - especially better than my 9 year old Safari. One would think that Jive developers would have a VERY close relationship with development teams for ALL browsers, popular and less so. Or at least let's hope so.


                              adios, amigos!

                              J J



                              It just occurred to me to ask myself "What would a font loaded from a CSS have to do with my login state?" And I also am perplexed how the JiveTeam was able to discover that an un-read message in one's Inbox would prevent the bad behavior? In the Apple install, we believe the JiveWare has become "self aware" and discovered "pranks are funny."

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                        This happens to me (and my coworker) as well in Firefox v39.0 on Windows 7. Clearing cache and cookies does not make a difference.

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                          Thanks Everyone.

                          We are looking into this and we will provide an update later today.

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                            Looks like the fix is done.

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                              Hi All,

                              The fix was applied last evening at 8pm. Their was a change made to the theme,the issue was related to the generation of the inbox count with items and at zero. This event handler specifically caused an infinite loop in FF.


                              If you still experience issues, please let us know.