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    what makes Jive Chime better than Skype?

    ryan.flynn@telvent.com Novice

      We use Skype for messaging and I am not aware of any major functionality gaps. But perhaps it's a case of "you don't know what you don't know."


      Why should we switch from Skype to Chime? What makes Chime better?


      They both have group messaging.

      They both have iOS apps.


      I'm sure Chime has extra benefits. My team and I are going to pilot it. I'm just wondering what Jive employees and the user community have to say about this.

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          ChrisD Intermediate

          Does Skype offer desktop screen sharing? Chime does not today. The big gap I'd see is that it would need to be viewed as a replacement for Lync as the primary messaging service used in my company, at least. Desktop sharing is a critical component of that.

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            Hi Ryan,


            Thanks for raising this inquiry and I can see why it would be useful to have this comparison.  While a side by side comparison with Skype is not available, some additional Chime features are covered here:


                 Jive Chime FAQ Document


            To help answer this for you, I'm moving the question to the [Archived] Jive Chime space for guidance from our Chime experts.  Please stay tuned for an update.




            Jeph Yang

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              I'll take a crack at this. First, hello, I'm Mike Westlund, VP IT here at Jive. I'm a big user and evangelist of all Jive products, and I'm part of a team that talks with customers to get feedback on Chime and our other Jive-w product set.


              Here's my take on Chime vs Skype for Business:

              1) For customers who don't currently have an enterprise messaging tool, I think Chime is a very user friendly, simple to use, and cost effective solution to consider. We're positioning Chime to be somewhat unique in messaging tools, in that it will be not only a great Team messaging solution, with a consumer feel that users will love, but it will also scale as an enterprise messaging tool, with a simplicity to administer, security features, and low cost that IT will love.

              2) For customers who already use Jive-n, Chime will be a great way to add a real-time dimension to your community's async communication. Even for those of you with an existing enterprise messaging solution, the Chime/Jive-n integration will be especially interesting from an Identity and Team/Group perspective.

              3) For customers who already use Skype for Business I would say that the value proposition does get more difficult, but where we're going with Chime is to make it both a great enterprise messaging solution AND a great team messaging solution. I've spoken with many IT leaders and users of Skype, Jabber and other products. I consistently hear that adoption of these tools is great for 1:1 enterprise messaging, but they seem to fall short in fostering persistent team communication as well as mobile adoption. So if you have a Skype for Business solution, Chime could co-exist with Skype or even replace it for those people who want to really encourage deep Team usage and mobile adoption, beyond 1:1 chats. Chime can easily live side by side, in pockets of teams, within an enterprise rollout of Skype for Business.

              4) Lastly, take a look not just at Chime, but at the whole Jive-w portfolio. There will be great synergies between all of the Jive-w apps and they will all share the same administration and identity back-ends. Adoption of one of the tools will make adoption of the others very easy.


              Chime and the Jive-w portfolio are still in early stages and evolving rapidly! Keep and eye out for the many new features that will be coming over the next several months.

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                tbanting Novice

                One thing I have realized is that Microsoft Yammer has a different messaging and presence engine to Skype for Business/Lync. This could, of course, lead to confusion with users wondering which tool they should use for what. The is no current integration between both of these Microsoft products. The other consideration is that S4B does have Windows phone support I guess. I know WP hasn't a huge market share; however, with BYOD there will be a few people excluded in a large enterprise from using Chime.


                Chime also doesn't support VoIP.