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    Categories aren't applied unless document was previously tagged


      This is Jive 6.0.3.  These are the steps:


      1. I created a new category in a group to organise archived pages. When I created the category I ticked the box to say 'add the category if the content has a tag of "archived".
      2. I went to the documents in the  group and added the tag "archived".
      3. When I view the category, there's no content even though the tags now exist.
      4. If I edit a document with the tag, the category is suggested (which is fine) but it's not applied automatically.


      If I open each one and edit it, the date changes to today and the content floats to the top of the lists as if it's current. This stuff is old, I want to keep it, but I don't want or need to draw attention to it because that wastes everyone's time. Not to mention my time in having to open and edit each page individually.


      I realise I could delete the category and recreate it and then all the pages that are currently tagged will appear in the category, but that only defers the problem. It also makes the categories unreliable if people think that adding the tag will make it appear in the correct category later.


      How can I apply the category to all the documents that have the tag? 


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