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    Inserting Icon in Preset Jive Widgets


      Hi all! Our team is finally looking into changing some of our Jive UI and I am very excited! Problem is, we're over here in the dark ages still using widgets and trying to customize them to our liking. It's causing some problems, particularly because we want to make sure that Jive preset widgets (like the Top Participants widget) look the same as our custom HTML widgets.

      To give a visual example, I'm trying to achieve this effect in all of the widgets - the icon + title combo. Here's a picture of the look I'm going for:

      Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 6.47.41 PM.png

      This is easily achieved with HTML widgets, but I'm stuck on how to implement it into Jive's preset icons (like the Top Participants widget, as shown).

      Any suggestions or ways to go around this? Much appreciated!