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    Type-ahead search on Place content should include content shared to Place


      We're using Share to Place a lot to get a doc to show up in multiple groups that all use it as a reference. However, our users are confused and perceive there to be a bug because when they use the type-ahead search to filter on the content tab in a group, a document with the word XXX which might have been first in the list right below the box a moment ago, disappears when typing in XXX. Why? Because the search is only looking at content that lives natively in that group, excluding Shares. This is both counterproductive since the content is shared to the group because we want it findable there, and confusing to users.


      Note: the issue is especially hard for an average user to understand because when viewing the Content tab in the default card-grid view, Shared From is not indicated in any way, so there is zero visual differentiation between content that is published in the group vs. shared to it.


      (Related Improvement: you can filter to only view content shared to the group. We really need the filter to view only things that live natively in the group/exclude shared.)