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    Does the Project Import not respect the parent ID field for assigning subtasks to an already existing task?


      My colleague and I were trying out a scenario to help with something, and we keep finding on the Jive Project task import, that even if we put in an ID number for a parent task in the Parent ID column of our import CSV, the tasks get created as high level tasks in the project...not as subtasks to the parent as we wanted.


      Is this a known bug? We're on Jive 7.0.1.


      Is there a trick to the entry of the task ID we are missing? Maybe we're misinterpreting the meaning of that Parent ID field for the task import process?


      Thanks for any help you can provide on this one. It would really help a use case we have if the import worked for parent / child tasks. But so far all of our tests show that they end up just getting created as top level tasks without any association to the parent that we specify in the Parent ID column of our CSV.