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    Webinar: The Power & Payoff of a Global Customer Community

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      Date: Thursday, August 13, 2015

      Time: 9:30 a.m. PT | 12:30 p.m. ET



      Christy Zurcher

      Christina Zurkawicz

      Community Development Director


      Wim Stoop

      Wim Stoop

      Sr. Product Marketing Manager



      Thanks to everybody who joined the webinar! Let's continue the discussion in the comments below.


      Jive had a great webinar on August 13 with Christy Zurcher, Community Development Director at Premier Farnell, and Jive's Wim Stoop. The two chatted about the rise of marketing engagement communities, as well as how how Premier Farnell has translated education and enthusiasm directly into buying by integrating its Jive-x community with its e-commerce system.



      Learn how Premier Farnell drives e-commerce sales with a truly global online community.

      350,000 electronic design engineers located all over the world — all in one online community.

      Premier Farnell has created a powerful online home for its customers, at once increasing customer engagement and boosting sales. By integrating its Jive-x community with its e-commerce system, the company harnesses its customers’ enthusiasm to drive more loyalty and more business:


      • 9% of all visitors to the community click through to the e-commerce site
      • 40% of those who click through are net new customers
      • 5% of click-throughs complete a purchase


      Watch the recorded webinar to learn how brands can turbo-charge revenue when they invest in customer engagement communities