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    Searching for document numbers: hyperlinks/URLs within other documents



      I am seeking a method to enable us to search within Jive for documents using the doc-# contained within the URL. The purpose is to find documents which contain hyperlinks to specific other documents.


      Currently, if the insert hyperlink tool was used to create the hyperlink, the HTML within the document is a simple <a href..> as below, and we can search for "DOC-8691" and the document containing the following HTML would appear.


      <a href="/docs/DOC-8691" _jive_internal="true">document title</a>


      But as I recently found out, if the url to this document was copy/pasted into the document editor while it was being created without using the insert hyperlink tool, the HTML comes out much different, containing javascript like this:


      <a class="jive_macro jive_macro_document" href="javascript:;" jivemacro="document" ___default_attr="8691" data-orig-content="document title" data-renderedposition="467.5868225097656_34.65277862548828_360_16">document title</a>


      When this is the case, searching the document number (8691) does not return the document which contains this hyperlink.


      Is there another way to search for documents by the number in their URL?

      I'm basically trying to get the functionality of the "Incoming Links" widget but to include more than 5-6 documents..

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          Hi David,


          Thanks for raising this inquiry into how to search for Jive documents using the numeric document ID.  Presuming you're using the built in Jive full or spotlight search, the search functionality will look at the actual content and will search based on the combination of key words and relevancy, not the document ID.  Using the normal search fields will limit your ability to search by document ID.  You may wish to look into potential customizations through Jive Professional Services.  Let me know if you'd like to be placed in touch.


          If you're developing your own application, you may want to look at potentially using REST API.  However, this will require development and testing, which is outside the normal scope of Jive Customer Support.  I would encourage collaborating with other developers in the Jive Developers space to gain insight into ways to meet this requirement.

          Let me know if you had any other questions otherwise.



          Jeph Yang