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    Creating a community manager center of excellence - looking for help!

    Libby Taylor

      Hi CMs from both Jive Internal Communities and Jive External Communities!


      We are building a space here in the JC to act as a Community Management Center of Excellence  (see [Archived] Community Manager in progress) and we would like to know what your needs are! The following are some ideas, but I hope you are willing to chime in below to the conversation with your ideas as well:


      What will the CM Center of Excellence feature?


      • How-to / best practices documents and blog posts: (such as)
        • How to design a Home page?
        • How to attract new users
        • Spam management best practices
        • What are your hot spots for learning that you would like to see documented? Comment below.
      • Videos
        • Jive's customer communities in action - success stories
        • Community manager interviews - What questions would you like other CMs to answer? Comment below.
      • Webinars just for CMs
        • What topics? Comment below.

      My request to you

      If you would like to be part of a small focus group to help us develop this COE, please let me know. We want to create something that is useful to you and can be useful to new CMs working on a Jive community for the first time.

      I appreciate your help!

      FYI Alex Larralde and Kelly Carlsted