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    Logging in to Community.JiveSoftware.com crashes Firefox and Iceweasel


      Since the update to the new layout for https://community.jivesoftware.com/ I cannot access the site through Firefox on my Windows 7 pc, nor using Iceweasel in a Kali VM. Chrome works as expected.

      I can access the site without logging in, and everything appears to work normally.


      However when I log in to my account, during the loading of the page the tab hangs, after which the browser itself hangs.


      In Firefox the browser crashes completely, without any errors or notifications. Firefox just closes all windows and remains running in the background, consuming huge amounts of memory. (Firefox normally uses around 500-600MB on my system, opening the jive community page and logging in sees that rise to over 5GB.)


      In Iceweasel, running in a VirtualBox virtual machine, with an install of KALI Linux, also crashes. However, instead of closing the page, it gives an empty popup, with no text and 2 buttons.


      The buttons remain clickable, but the browser itself hangs and no further action is possible.


      I managed to get output from Firebug, (it took quite some effort):



      How do I access the website through Firefox and Iceweasel?




      (cc: jacques & jackb)