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    SSO Settings missing from Admin Console


      Hello, sometime in our previous build, it seems that there was an SSO section that could be configured, but I will mention that it was blank at the time. Has the location of this changed ? Or do we need to request that this feature be enabled for us ?

      Currently with build SBS 9c1.2 those settings are no longer there.


      What we use to have:

      8-7-2015 10-03-50 AM.png


      Current State:

      8-7-2015 10-08-12 AM.png



      Please advise.


      Thank you,


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          Hi Cao,


          This section's visibility will depend on the admin access level assigned to your user. For clarification, only full access admin users should see this tab visible. That being said, if you do have full admin access permissions assigned to your user and are not seeing this tab available please submit a case in your customer group here in the Jive Community and the next available support engineer can investigate the behavior.



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              hi Jesse,


              Thank you for the reply. I am checking  on that as we speak, and it seems that I am an Admin, but I do not have the FULL ADMIN access that you speak of.

              Is there a way to give particular users that access ? I assume that has to be done from an account that has FULL ADMIN access as well ?

              I see that our admin user to our instance has FULL ADMIN access, but I am attempting to locate those credentials now.




              Thank you for your time,


              I will let you know the outcome........