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    Number of views different in reports?


      I was looking at a blog post on our site, and in the admin, the software displayed the number of views as 407:




      Yet when I pulled the community manager report for content, the same article only had 68 views.


      Any idea why the numbers would be so different?  Which is correct? Please advise. Thank you!



        • Re: Number of views different in reports?

          Hi Tom,


          From you screenshot this appears to be from a browse page in your instance, which uses your content index to generate a number, whereas the number found in a CMR generated report would have a 1 day lag on the data displayed. If you run the CMR numbers again today, are they more inline with the browse numbers?


          If not, this could point to an issue with either your browse index or your CMR data and I would recommend opening up a support case in your customer group where the next available support engineer can assist with further investigations.