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    How to be notified only on tasks assigned to me?




      We've been testing tasks in Jive (not Producteev tasks, just the "basic" Jive tasks).

      The issues I encounter is that I get notified (by email as configured in my preferences) each time somebody creates/modifies/completes a task on a project I am part of.

      That's a lot of "spam" notifications where I would need to be notified only on tasks which I created or which I am assigned to.


      How could that be done?


      Thanks in advance for your help on how to use tasks efficiently.



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          Hi William,


          Thanks for reporting this concern around the unwanted task notifications.  Unfortunately, the subscription (following) is only supported for specific content or the place.  If you're following the place (in this case, the project), you will receive notifications for content created within that place and there's no way to filter by author.


          If this is an important feature you'd like to see in the future, I would recommend submitting a feature request idea in the Ideas for Jive space.  Let me know if you have any other questions in the meantime.




          Jeph Yang