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    405 method not allowed for delete with REST API ?




      Still on my instance, I try to clean a little bit our Jive instance and thus try to remove old versions of documents to keep only the latests 10 versions.


      So, using the REST API in Python or within Firefox with REST client addon, when I do a DELETE on https://jive_url/api/core/v3/versions/15791/11 it says Error 405, method not allowed.


      When I do a GET on this url, I have a 200 and it show the current versions of the document and if I do a GET on https://bee.ppr.jcdecaux.com/api/core/v3/versions/15791 I can see the list of all the versions. It has 23 versions.


      At the end of the https://jive_url/api/core/v3/versions/15791/11, I can see in the resources block that only POST and GET are available. Why not DELETE ?


        "resources" : {
          "self" : {
            "ref" : "https://jive_urlm/api/core/v3/versions/15791/11",
            "allowed" : [ "POST", "GET" ]


      Where as doc Jive REST API v3.12 → ContentVersion service says DELETE is supported. API version issue ?


      Any help appreciated !