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    Integrating a website w/ a Jive-x Site

      Hi - I am working with someone who has a client who will be integrating the website they are building with a website that uses Jive-X (DevNet)  They are wondering how they could develop a back-end in Jive-X so that they can integrate it with their client when it is finished.  Can you provide any advice for this?

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          Scott A Johnson

          Depends on what you mean by "integrate".


          If this means pulling data from Jive and displaying it on the other site, you could utilize the REST API. You could do the same for creating new data in Jive, however, authentication would be something to consider in that case.


          Other types of integrations can be done using Add-ons or even plugins.


          It all depends on what you're looking at doing and also whether the site is a cloud or hosted/on-prem instance, as cloud would limit your options.

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