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    How have you modified the Welcome New User Email?


      Hi Everyone,

      I'm a newbie as far as posting. 

      I was wondering how you have modified the Welcome New User emails to suit your communities?

      Thanks in advance for any contributions

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          Great topic! I too am interested to hear how others had made any modifications to the welcome email.

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            Libby Taylor

            Hi Aileen, welcome to the Jive Community!  I'm looking forward to seeing how others may have addressed this topic as well.


            The first piece of advice I do have for your system emails: be sure to brand the email for your own community. I believe the out of the box email has Jive on the email which can confuse new users. Often I get emails from users of other communities looking for help because they think the email is actually coming from Jive the company as opposed to Jive the product (if that makes sense).


            I've also made sure to include really clear instructions for users on how to change their email notifications, because many of the messages I receive are about stopping the email notifications. You can add these instructions to the email footers.


            Good luck!

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              Jill Ross

              I've tried to do this by building out an HTML email and pasting the code into the Jive admin, but the Jive system strips out some of my HTML code, so I've left it alone aside from some minor changes to the text. Even adding links has been a problem -- the links I add get stripped, so they'll appear as links, but when you click nothing happens.

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                  Hey Jill,


                  Jive uses some sort of nonstandard HTML for its emails, and also in its underlying code for posts. The instructions in the email template editor say something about a Freemarker setup: FreeMarker Manual . Jive will strip out anything that doesn't conform to its own syntax; it's a good habit when editing the HTML to edit the HTML you intend, switch to the full editor, then switch back to the HTML viewer to see if anything was removed. I haven't tried it in Could (v.9), but back in Jive 6 I even found that some HTML that survives that test does not survive publishing.


                  Personally, for simply editing the text, I find the major barrier is just operating in the tiny little template window. So I copy the contents of the HTML field into a new document in a secret admin group of my community, make my edits there, where I can see them, then past them back to the template area. Seems to work OK. PLUS, this means I keep a copy of the working HTML in the community in case I screw up the code and need to start over. I've not tried to do anything with the HTML itself, aside from inserting hyperlinks.


                  I hope you're proceeding well, at least editing the text you wish to customize.


                  - Josh

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                  We didn't love the out of box email, so we are using Hubspot, our marketing platform, to send out personalized welcome emails that have specific tailored message and point to our featured getting started spaces. This email also has the username and password coded into it. Our  issue at this point is that we don't have a single sign on, so the members are asked to login when clicking anywhere on the email. Also, we have yet to automate it completely. We will have to think about some of these aspects as we scale. I'm wondering if our html from our template would carry over without completely losing its flare in the jive out of box template..

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                    Frank Field

                    I'll add to this thread, despite its age.  I just tried tweaking our outgoing email last week when a new employee notified me that the images in it were not showing up.

                    One tweak (just to replace the image urls), nothing else, and the result was a totally confusing result going out.

                    So, I reset the template page and Jive Support gave me the OOTB code to put in there... But now I'm leery of messing with it.

                    I'm not interested in learning "freemarker syntax," I Just wanna replace the words and links in the email and get on with my job! 

                    Anybody else done this?  What can I touch and what can't I touch?


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                        Alex Nassi

                        Hey Frank Field -- Were the image URLs publicly accessible? You can easily test this by trying to access the URL from an incognito window (if you're in Chrome, or some other private browser). I have modified our welcome email, but just the text (didn't add any images). I'll send you a message with the HTML of our welcome email so you can maybe use that to build off of.

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                            Frank Field

                            Hi, Alex Nassi! Thanks for chiming in here.  I needed to follow up since I had a Support ticket that is now resolved.


                            Yes, the URLs were publicly available. For some reason the email being sent out was a garbled combination of the plain text (which had HTML in it - not sure why) and HTML and some standard Jive boilerplate that I don't even know where it came from.

                            Anyway... Initially I took hit the "reset" button at the bottom of the template.  That spooked me a bit because I went from four fields to fill out to two. I assumed I lost an email and the code with it (because I stupidly didn't copy the code before I fiddled with the page.  Turns out I didn't really need it as I only happen to send out an English version of the email, anyway.  I put the OOTB code Support gave me (see my comments above) and put it in the two fields. Then Support explained some of the settings/behavior of the template (is there documentation on that? I sure didn't find it).  And then I got help from a webmaster where I work and we did the following:


                            We gutted the fields of all text and code. (haha!, but we did!)

                            We inserted literally plain text and no html into the subject and plain text boxes.  The subject is obvious. The plain text is a plain text version of our email w/o any code in it.

                            Then we added very simple HTML to the HTML field. Just tables in a row to create three paragraphs with images next to them.

                            Then we added links to the images and some text. 

                            We clicked "save changes" between EVERY change to a field. Sometimes this magically reset text and/or code into a field that was NOT what we just typed in.

                            We beat our heads on our desks a few times.  (I recommend you skip that step.)

                            After re-doing this a few times, the template magically saved everything just as we wanted it.

                            And we tested after each step by clicking the "preview" button, which allows you to send an email to whatever address to see how it looks.

                            When we had it right, we added some Google Analytics tags to help track traffic to the site from that email.

                            Then we saved changes again.


                            Bottom line: I learned the following:

                            1. COPY YOUR CODE BEFORE YOU FIDDLE WITH THINGS!

                            2. You are not going to break your community by hitting the "reset" button, but you should know that if you do that and you have email in more than one language going out, you will have to add that set of fields back into your template (you do this by clicking the "locale" dropdown and selecting your language.  Automagically, you'll see a set of fields to fill with subject-plain text-html appear!)

                            3. You should write your email before you start this so you're not making it up on the fly because you reset and therefore accidentally deleted your email

                            4. You should write your code before you start this process so you're not making that up on the fly because you "reset"

                            5. You should make sure that if you want to put an image into your email that you have already uploaded it to the community static resources in a space somewhere so that you can quickly grab the image URL


                            Actually, props to my Support analyst, Blake Scott, who actually took the step of answering a follow-up question that helped me understand the behavior of the template.  Because he took the time to do that, I am more confident that I can fiddle with all the message templates w/o breaking stuff.  And THAT is probably going to save one (or 50) new cases being started!


                            Hope this helps someone else!

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