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    I need to create a page with a calendar widget.


      This is at a sub-space level.  I've tried to create a Space Overview page, but am getting tiles vs. widgets.

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          Hi Connie,


          Thanks for bringing this widget creation question to our attention.  I'm not sure which version of Jive you're on, but I'll provide guidance based on the latest version.  If you're only seeing tiles, then it's likely that you have the Activity page enabled and will need to navigate to the Overview page (jiveURL/overview), or if the Overview page is not available, then you haven't enabled it yet.  Widgets are only available on the Overview page.


          To enable the Overview page, navigate to Manage > Settings > About > Advanced options and toggle whether you want just the Overview page or the Activity + Overview page.


          If this is already configured and you're still only seeing tiles, please take a screenshot (if possible -- keeping in mind that this discussion is publicly visible) and provide that with your reply.




          Jeph Yang