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    DISRUPT.SYDNEY 2015 - 25th September


      DISRUPT.SYDNEY is an event organised by the Digital Disruption Research Group at the University of Sydney Business School, taking place on 25th September.

      In its 3rd third year, this year we are going to explore the implications of digital disruption for business, society and our everyday lives, under the theme “Disruption for Good”.

      Highlights include:

      • Keynote address by Antony Funnell (ABC Radio National) on Digital Disruption
      • Short talk by Anthony Henry (Macquarie Bank) on Activity-based Working
      • Two short talks on the implications of Digital Disruption for rural regions in both Australia and China
      • Short talk by Skip Rizzo (USC) on Virtual Reality (VR) in working with war veterans in trauma therapy
      • A tutorial on VR technologies
      • The Ripple Effect Group team will also be running a workshop on "Disrupting Design for Digital Inclusion".

      DISRUPT.SYDNEY is a not-for-profit event. All proceeds from ticket sales are to recover (most of) the cost in running the event, and to ensure long-term viability of the Digital Disruption Research Group. All speakers and workshop organisers donate their time to the event.

      The full fee for the event is $379.00, but you can make use of the early bird fee of $199.00 (until 28 August).

      More details here disruptsydney2015.wordpress.com