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    Find references to a space / remote documents


      I am trying to delete a space on my site.


      I would like to find all references to this space and redirect them.  With documents, there is an 'incoming links' area where I can find such links. 


      Is there a capability within Jive to find incoming links to a space or group?  Can a REST API be used to find such links?


      When I went to delete the group in question, I got a response that indicated that 20 remote documents exist.  I am not using Sharepoint, the space has zero documents or discussions.  What does the 20 remote documents mean?


      Thanks for your help.




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          Eric Pierce

          Not sure about the remote documents question but for the redirection if you are on a hosted or on prem version as opposed to Cloud version of Jive you can set up redirection rules in the admin console at System -> Settings -> Redirection Rules.  If you are in Cloud the feature still exists but you have to open a case with Jive support to add it for you.

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            Hi Tom,


            Thanks for raising this question around the space deletion and 20 remote documents.  As Eric has mentioned, redirects may be managed directly via the Jive Admin Console or through a support case, if you're a Jive Cloud customer.


            As for the 20 remote documents, I believe you're running into JIRA bug JIVE-59596.  With this bug, the count is always 20.  You may safely ignore this and proceed with the deletion as long as you're certain no SharePoint integration exists.


            Let me know if you have any other questions with this.




            Jeph Yang