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    Have any tips or best practices you can share on group clean up?

    Stephanie Standring

      We are doing a group clean up in our internal community, and have quite a list to go through. Currently we have it set up to where anyone in the company can create a group, but spaces are controlled setups. We have a place listing for all the groups that were created in the past year, and it gives us the activity counts for each group for that time period. We added in Last Activity Date to filter out groups that have not had activity in the past 3 months, and placed them on our delete list. Once we did this we found that 19% of them had no activity in the past 3 months, leaving us with a big list to still go through.


      In our last group clean-up, which was much smaller, we looked at if the group was used for testing (which would cause it to be deleted), could be consolidated with another group or space, had potential but just needed additional guidance/education, had no activity (which would cause it to be deleted). Otherwise we left them alone because they had good activity.


      Without going through each one-by-one does anyone have an tips, best practices, criteria on how they went through their place clean up and determined what stayed and what went? We are trying to make this as efficient as possible due to the volume we have. Is there any ideal activity ratio based on members/followers?


      btw...We are already creating a process to be more pro-active about this so we do not have this large of a list in the future.


      Looking forward to hearing about anything anyone can share. Thanks!