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    Jive Preview Authentication


      I wanted to use Jive Preview and register my email, name and password but I still cannot login after 3 days. The message says "Your account is waiting to be approved." Other person in my company got permit quickly. Is something wrong with my account? In this case, who should I talk to?



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          Hi Hidemi,


          I'm sorry to hear about the delay in getting your account registered for the Jive Preview site.  I presume you're referring to this site:




          If this is correct, then unfortunately this is not managed by Jive Customer Support.  First, please ensure you are registering with your company email address.  If you're registering with a free email address, this may cause delays or your registration may become rejected.  If you've already registered with your company email address and you still haven't received approval, I would recommend reaching out to your Jive Account Representative for assistance.  If you're not familiar with who this is, please reach out to your community manager for assistance.


          Let me know if you need anything else.




          Jeph Yang

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