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    Any way to obtain browser usage data?


      Hi Everyone,  I am in a new position and new to the Jive app.  I am trying to measure internal browser adoption across our company and would like to compare our Jive app with other internal apps, SharePoint, portal, etc.  I am able to measure a short period of time by using the DES API explorer, but the downloads fail when I try to gather data for more than a couple weeks.  I am using the filter Action- ACTIVITY_USER_LOGIN, then filtering the web.useragent in a pivot table.  This works for smaller numbers, but in order to find trending data I need much more information, but ACTIVITY_USER_LOGIN may be too much. (60K employees)  Is there a better way to get what I am after?  Is there another field I should be looking at?  I would like to see just unique users up front, but don't know if that is possible with the DES.  Thanks.