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    Sort on latestActivityDesc doesn't seem to work as expected


      Hi All,


      I am trying to use JiveAPI to get a sorted list of all discussions on our Jive site. I want the sorting to be by the last time the discussion was updated, so it would seem that sort=latestActivityDesc would work well for this. However, there are some things that are not clear to me. What field does latestActivityDesc sort on? It would seem that "lastActivityDate" would be the sorted field, however...With latestActivityDesc, it seems like the lastActivityDate on the returned objects do not follow this sort. For example, my list has the lastActivityDates in the following order:

      1. "2015-08-20T18:55:34.891+0000"
      2. "2015-08-20T18:36:35.791+0000"
      3. "2015-08-20T18:20:03.112+0000"
      4. "2015-08-20T17:45:21.777+0000"
      5. "2015-08-20T17:56:11.894+0000"
      6. "2015-08-20T17:43:16.594+0000"

      Everything seems to follow the sort until number 5.

      My URL and querystring is like this: https://<jivesite>/api/core/v3/contents?filter=type(discussion)&count=25&sort=latestActivityDesc


      Am I correct in assuming the sort should be on lastActivityDate? If so, why am I seeing this behavior where some objects are not in the correct order?