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    Increasing number of custom navbar links




      Custom Navbar links are limited to only 5 . Is their any way to increase it??



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          John Schwiller

          Or just 3 if you use News and Support. I'd be happy with 5

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              There is not a way to increase that limit.  However, if you find you need more you can use the advanced header/footer in the theme tool where you can put your own custom HTML, CSS and JavaScript so you can create custom drop downs in the actual header itself.  If you look at the top bar of this community there's a black strip with some links in it.  That's basically what we did there though we used the advanced themes available for hosted and on premise to do it.


              In the theme builder go to the Advanced menu and choose Custom.  Click the Edit Now button.  (note this will change your header and footer!)



              Enter in your custom code and apply it.


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