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    How to enable application instance?

    Vikash Kushvaha



      I am creating a simple App in which i need to send post request to my node server. I used following code


          authz: "signed",
          alias: "expert",
          href: "/Connector/geocode",
          body: req_addresses,
          headers: {"Content-Type": "application/json"}
      }).execute(function (geoList) {


      This returns:

        1. content: ""
        2. error: Object
          1. code: 1005
          2. message: "Application instance is currently disabled reasons=[needs_configuration_update]"
          3. __proto__: Object
        3. headers: Object
        4. status: 503
        5. __proto__: Object

      Looks like application Instance is disabled. Can any one help me out

      Vikash Kushwaha