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    Error on updating images


      Hi everyone,


      I am trying to update the tags of an image of gallery using /contents V3 service. This service is working fine for other contents but images. Service details as follows:


      PUT:  /api/core/v3/contents/2374




          "visibility": "place",
          "parent": "https://mysourcedev.ihs.com/api/core/v3/places/1111",
          "content": {
              "text": "<body><!-- [DocumentBodyStart:3eaf0322-b15c-4503-bb98-03324f752d05] --><div class=\"jive-rendered-content\"><div class=\"j-photo\">\n        <span class=\"image-wrapper\">\n            <a href=\"https://mysourcedev.ihs.com/photos/1044.png\"><img border=\"0\" class=\"jive-photo-album-image\" href=\"#\" src=\"https://mysourcedev.ihs.com/photos/1044.png\"/></a>\n        </span>    </div></div><!-- [DocumentBodyEnd:3eaf0322-b15c-4503-bb98-03324f752d05] --></body>",
              "editable": false,
              "type": "text/html"
          "subject": "Seoul VMV",
          "tags": [
              "video viewer software",




      "message": "Verify parent field is not supported for generic content objects",
      "status": 501 Not Implemented


      Kindly suggest if someone faced same error. Tried removing parent field also. Please sugget how to resolve it.


      Thank you

      Divya Garg