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    Is there a way to change tile styles in Jive 8


      Hi everyone!


      Usually you would rather find me in the Jive Plugin Developer section of this community, but today my question is about an issue I have with theming for a Jive 8 instance. I just can't figure out a way to change the styles inside a tile, at least not without some ugly hacks.

      Tiles appear to be shown in an iframe, so global styles are just ignored. The CSS file that is loaded into that iframe is not part of the theme, but is pulled directly out of the jive-core .jar file.


      Is there any way to change that? It's kind of annoying if you have a nice new theme for the entire site, that uses completely different colors than the jive standard theme, but there are some views you just can't control.


      Please help me out on this one. Of course I would be glad to solve this with just a theme, but I really doubt that's possible. Using a plugin would also be fine.


      Thanks in advance

      Tobias Berger