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    Stray SharePoint Group Deletion


      I have taken on the responsibly of removing stray SharePoint links from our community that no longer have a group associated with it. What I am planning on doing is comparing a pulled Place report from the DES API and comparing it to the SharePoint list our SharePoint team pulled for us. I attempted to do the pulls in 2 month increments but many of the months are exceeding the excel document row limit and the export gets corrupted, its just not all that efficient. If there is no other options available then I will use the incremental reporting technique, but I would rather have a system that would allow for one giant pull so that every time my team and I decide to do some clean-up in the community, it is as easy and quick as possible.


      I was wondering if you had a better understanding of the tool then me or if you know someone who could help me with this. I was discussing this issue in Jive Analytics with Udit Shah but I wanted to check and see if there were any other alternatives to get a complete community report listing all groups that currently exist and have existed at one point but were deleted so we can compare it to our complete SP list and find the single SP groups that we can remove.

      Thanks for any help that you can provide and let me know if you have any questions regarding this,