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    User Feedback System


      Hi all!


      Here's a scenario for you. We are an e-learning company and want to have a place for our users to leave feedback on our courses. This can include anything from leaving a rating (1-5 stars), writing a review, or being available for Q&A. My idea is that a Jive discussion thread can cover all three of these with a rating system and replies. However, we would like to incorporate this to other pages throughout the organization (course search, retail site, etc...).


      Is there a way to pull certain aspects of a discussion thread (or document, or any other piece of content) out to be used on their own? For example, I would like to pull out the rating from a thread and post that by itself or post the replies as a stand-alone segment. If it is possible, how could I go about doing this? I understand if this would be a Professional Services issue, but I thought I'd ask here first.