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    request to disable autojoin feature


      Dear Sirs,


      I just downloaded Producteev to try and manage my projects. I work at a university where there are many independent research groups. It turns out that another group already is using Producteev and I was automatically added to that group even though I have no association with them.


      Could you please disable autojoin so each group can work independently (my email address ends @weizmann.ac.il). It is one thing (and I think appropriate) to ask which already existing group/groups to join, if any, based on your corporate email (with the option of creating a new network), but it is an entirely different, and very inappropriate, thing to decide, without asking, to automatically join a new user to an existing network. When I registered, I did not know about this "feature" and I would have thought a second time about registering, had I known. Now I have to track down the other user so I can be removed from that unrelated network.


      I noticed that there are a number of threads requesting that the autojoin feature be removed. I can see that your intention was to be helpful, but this is causing problems. Large entities (such as a university or large corporation) may have many independent units and therefore might like to have separate networks. I would strongly recommend that you reconsider this "feature" and change it to an option (i.e., join an existing group or create a new one).


      Thank you for your assistance.